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For debtors in the most dire financial situations, bankruptcy can be the only suitable solution. Bankruptcy can strike anyone at any time-even those with strong financial strategies in place. In the event you are ever close to bankruptcy, it is imperative to speak with an attorney to discuss how to get relief from the crippling throes of debt.

Cardinale & DelVecchio Law Firm in Cicero, NY can help you determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you. We can also determine which bankruptcy option is best for your current debt needs. Our experienced attorneys plan ahead to help resolve your debt related problems the right way. This way you can pay attention to non-dischargeable debts earlier to speed up the time frame in which you will come out of debt.

There are a number of bankruptcy options available for both private and commercial debtors. Cardinale & DelVecchio Law Firm can assist with the following services:

Debt Relief

Discharging debt in bankruptcy is among the most important steps towards financial freedom. Whether you have unsettled debt or an endless stream of creditors, our legal team here to help. With the help of our accomplished, professional attorneys, you can close the book on debt and take active steps towards taking control of your financial future.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as "wage earners plan," allows the debtor to repay his or her debt in installments over a period of three to five years.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are two major types of consumer bankruptcies: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Under Chapter 7, also known as "liquidation" bankruptcy, debtors can discharge various types of unsecured debts like personal loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and past-due utility bills.

Creditor Harassment

For debtors harassed by creditors or debt collectors, bankruptcy may be the only way to get those annoying phone calls and letters to stop. Importantly, once the debtor files for bankruptcy, he or she gets an automatic stay, which puts a hold on calls from collection agencies. A stay also freezes negative actions against debtors until the case is settled. Our attorneys have complete knowledge of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits creditors from deceptive or abusive collection practices.

Bankruptcy works in your favor and is often more effective than other options like consolidation or debt settlement.

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